Elite Training Center

Our Elite Training Center is home to two of our programs which are summarized below.

The ANVIL Project

We created the project “A New Venture in Life (ANVIL)” to assist people who feel marginalized within their community, such as those who are facing unemployment, retirement, or illness. Our dream is to create a space where individuals can work together on various projects that inspire them. The ANVIL project partners with mental health organizations and charities to offer the best help possible.

Opportunities include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Painting
  • Knitting and crocheting
  • Gardening
  • Wood turning and crafting
  • Drawing
  • Refurbishment projects

Elite Archery

Elite Archery Range is our primary facility and serves various purposes for our ministry. The range is managed by Michael Fisher, who is a certified archery instructor with a passion for empowering people of all ages. We host after-school clubs, group bookings, parties, and other various events at the range. It doesn’t matter your age, your abilities, or your experience with archery – everyone is welcome and accommodated at the range.

See below for more information about the opportunities we offer at the range:

  • After-School Clubs:
    • We offer after-school clubs between the months of September and May, specific dates varying depending on the needs of our community. Our after-school clubs serve as a time for kids to build community while practicing their archery skills in a safe and encouraging environment.
  • Group Bookings:
    • Groups are welcome to book the range for hours at a time to use our facility and practice their archery skills. We are happy to accommodate groups of any size.
  • Birthday Parties:
    • We host archery birthday parties for all ages.
  • Events:
    • The range can be a great place to host an event. We are open to letting people rent our facility to host events of their own.
  • Open-Range:
    • On occasion, we travel to different places in Northern Ireland to give archers an opportunity to shoot outdoors rather than indoors. This gives archers a more realistic experience and tests their skills.
  • Special Needs:
    • We have several individuals with special needs that show interest in archery and are thrilled to say that we accommodate people who are physically handicapped, people with autism and Down Syndrome, and people with other disabilities.
  • Elite Archery Club:
    • This team trains weekly and travels to competitions throughout Ireland.

Regardless of their reason for spending time at Elite Archery Range, most people have called the range their “safe place,” and have found excellent community at our facility. We are so glad our facility can serve our community by being a safe, encouraging environment for all people.